Preaching of Jonathan Edwards (Hardcover)

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Author - John Carrick

Published in the year that marks the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Jonathan Edwards' death, this book successfully straddles the church's and the academy's interest in Edwards.

Dr Carrick demonstrates that Edwards was preaching and writing at a unique moment in history when the Puritan spirit and the spirit of the Enlightenment intersected; he traces the remarkable fall and rise of interest in the great American preacher-theologian in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; he interacts, both positively and critically, with the now complete Yale edition of Edwards' Works and also with the ever burgeoning field of Edwards scholarship; and he cites extensively from Edwards' sermons, treatises, and Miscellanies in order to demonstrate the power and the profundity of his preaching and thought.

478 pp. Hardcover.

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