Richard Dawkins (Great Thinkers)

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Richard Dawkins (Great Thinkers)

Author: Ransom Poythress

Richard Dawkins, a leader in the New Atheism movement and bestselling author, is one of the foremost proponents of a gene-centered approach to evolutionary science. Not only does he claim that materialism offers a satisfying purpose for life, but he has trenchantly criticized those who accept the existence of a supernatural creator.

Dawkins has had a great impact on perceptions of science's scope and the viability of atheism, but his foundations are not as robust as they might seem. Ransom Poythress provides a sound, Reformed, biblical toolkit for defending the faith—looking at where Dawkins's ideas on science cross philosophical concepts and critiquing them from a Christian perspective.

Equipping readers with helpful information, this book gives advice and encouragement about how to engage others on these issues in an informed, loving way. The hope of the gospel is more than able to withstand the challenges presented by Dawkins and his thought.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

Introduction: Who Is Richard Dawkins, and Why Is He Important?

  1. Dawkins Revealed
  2. Atheism’s Attractiveness: Why So Much Appeal?
  3. Current Influence
  4. Main Tenets and Beliefs
  5. How Dawkins Argues
  6. Evidence and Worldview
  7. Issues in Science
  8. The Question of God
  9. The Question of Miracles
  10. The Question of Evil
  11. The Question of Morality
  12. Where the Future Lies

Appendix 1: How to Interact Personally with Atheists

Appendix 2: For Further Reading

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