Same Sex Mirage

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Author - Douglas Wilson

Obergefell v. Hodges was a wonderful decision -- because it's now forcing every Christian to decide whether their allegiance is to the Supreme Court or to the Supreme Being. In every other way, it was a terrible decision. But understanding where it came from and how it impacts our public and private lives isn't so straightforward. And for Christians, most of that difficulty stems from the fact that we have mis-identified the nature of the current culture war. Homosexual rights are about sexual liberty -- but only superficially. Primarily, gay marriage is about the right to control.

Same-Sex Mirage starts to untangle the issues involved, beginning with the fundamentals of marriage and then tracing the effects of this foundational institution in every area of life. Is marriage a private matter -- an agreement before God alone? Or is it public -- a matter for legislation? But most Christians also need to think about the issues involved beyond the chapel. Does "marriage equality" affect public discourse? How should free speech play into this discussion? What does the Bible say about the Supreme Court, or repentance, or a theology of resistance?

Obergefell was a disaster for our nation. And, as with every disaster, the biggest benefit is in determining how we Christians ignored all warnings and let it happen.

"Our secular culture is trying to redefine marriage because the church first showed the way by redefining love." ~ Douglas Wilson

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