The Third Person of the Trinity: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics

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The Third Person of the Trinity

Contributors: Esther Acolatse, Daniel Castelo, Lucy Peppiatt, Ephraim Radner, Fred Sanders

Recent decades have witnessed increased attention on pneumatology, recognizing it as a critical component in Christian thought. While the volume of publications on the Spirit indicate that scholarly discussion about the Spirit is both creative and lively, it does sometimes appear to be diffused across the spectrum of contemporary theological thought. Nowhere does this scattering seem more prevalent when discussion of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit occurs in outlying areas of doctrine and practice rather than within its native context--the doctrine of God.

The 2020 Los Angeles Theology Conference examined pneumatology as a core component of the doctrine of the Trinity, offering constructive proposals for understanding the doctrine of the Holy Spirit with theological and historical depth, ecumenical scope, and analytic clarity. This book represents the proceedings of the conference.

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