The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards

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The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards

Author: Steven J. Lawson

“For Edwards, to be resolved to live for God's glory means to exalt His most glorious name. It means to live consistently with His holy character. It means to proclaim and promote His supreme greatness. This is the highest purpose for which God created us. Why did Edwards place this resolution first? He understood that Scripture places the glory of God first in all things. Edwards was gripped with a transcendent, high view of God. As a result, in writing his "resolutions," he knew he must live wholeheartedly for this awesome, sovereign God.”
Dr. Steven J. Lawson, Author

In this ‘Long Line of Godly Men Profile’, Dr. Steven J. Lawson will show how the personal resolutions Jonathan Edwards composed in his youth guided him in all spheres of his life and fruitful ministry.

168 pp. Hardcover.

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