Warrior Preachers: A Spiritual Call to Arms in an Age of Militant Unbelief

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Warrior Preachers is a much-needed spiritual call to arms and destined to be a modern-day classic. Here, veteran pastor and preacher Dr. David A. Harrell talks straight to pastors and leaders in order to fortify and encourage them to face the militant culture and apostasy in today’s church. By articulating biblical principles, relating real-life stories, usable strategies, and points of tactical application, Dave helps you to become battle-ready. By navigating the challenges of engaging with the enemy, making best use of the armor God provides, keeping a mindset focused on the core priorities of ministry, maintaining a clear testimony and character, you will ultimately enjoy the rewards of faithfulness in the fight. The text includes a sermon from Charles Haddon Spurgeon on spiritual warfare, and there is a bonus feature to help and encourage wives of warrior preachers in their calling.

A.W. Tozer said: “A scared world needs a fearless church.” If you are among the generation of a courageous band of brothers who stand ready to take up the call to serve their cities, their nations, and their God, then this book is for you. As you read and apply the principles in this book—a manual of several ready-to-be implemented instructions borne of well over thirty years of ministry experience as well as tried-and-trusted strategy principles derived from US Special Forces—you will be transformed into another Warrior Preacher the church and our modern society so much need.

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