You Never Stop Being a Parent

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Author - Jim Newheiser & Elyse Fitzpatrick

Parenting books typically take you to a point where you can ‘launch’ your children successfully into the world. Some of us look forward to that event with the sense of that will be the point where we say 'job done' - but you never really stop being a parent! In the complex social, geographical, vocational and property-valued landscape that we inhabit parenting has never had more challenges to maintain healthy relationships with our adult children. Jim and Elyse will show you how to be the best parent you can to your adult child.

“The answers it gives are not only doable, but richly gospel centered and filled with hope. This is a book I will buy in bulk and recommend to many.”
Tedd Tripp

“Perfect timing. Just as the questions from parents with adult children start streaming in, we have solid, biblical material to put in their hands. And the book is packed.”
Ed Welch

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