Augustine of Hippo: His Life and Impact

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Augustine of Hippo

Author: Bradley G. Greene

Arguably the most significant theologian in Church history, Augustine is nonetheless a figure of dispute in protestant circles, distrusted for his views on ecclesiology, amongst other subjects. Yet his love for the Lord and articulation of the doctrine of grace ensure that his writings remain relevant and inspiring to many Christians today.

For anyone looking to begin to understand this theological giant, Bradley Green’s biography offers a clear insight into Augustine’s life and beliefs. In the words of the patristic himself, ‘Take and Read’.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––


  1. The Life of Augustine
  2. God
  3. Creation and Providence
  4. Man as Created, Man as Fallen
  5. Christ, Grace, and the Reality of Salvation
  6. Augustine, the Church, and Donatism
  7. Augustine, the Bible, and the Nature of Knowledge and Learning
  8. Augustine, Civil Authority, and the City of God
  9. Augustine and the Protestant

Further Reading: Primary Sources

Further Reading: Secondary Sources

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