Christ Formed in You

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Author - Brian G. Hedges

"The gospel is the only way to be saved. Moreover, it is the only way to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brian Hedges has done the church a great service in writing this book, Christ Formed in You, which reveals the God-intended path of sanctification. The ultimate goal in spiritual maturity is to transform believers into the image of Christ.


"This book is a helpful primer in the pursuit of personal holiness and true life-change from a transformed heart. Those who apply the message of this insightful book will, by God’s grace, find themselves growing into authentic Christlikeness."- Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama, Author of Foundations of Grace, Famine in the Land, and other titles

“Brian Hedges stands firmly in the Puritan heritage he loves. He not only brings a beautiful clarity to our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but he pulls together a comprehensive patchwork of the implications of the Gospel for everyday life. The result is that we get a precise and practical picture of what a lifestyle that is rooted in the grace of the Gospel will look like. This is a Gospel primer that I will recommend again and again.”- Paul David Tripp, author of Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, What Did you Expect?, Lost in the Middle, and many more

"With clarity, balance, common sense, and a relentless commitment to keeping his eye on the goal, Brian Hedges sets the fullness of the gospel to work on the lives of believers, wielding it like a craftsman to shape us into images of Christ."- Kris Lundgaard, author of The Enemy Within and Through the Looking Glass

“Brian Hedges combines credible exegesis and astute theological balance in his approach to spiritual formation. And he wraps it all up in a thoroughgoing Christ-centeredness that is practical and winsome. This book is evangelical spirituality at its best!” - Del Fehsenfeld III, Pastoral Services Director and Director of Communications, Life Action Ministries; Senior Editor, Revive Magazine

Foreword by Donald Whitney

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