Coming to Grips with Genesis: Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth

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Coming to Grips with Genesis

Author: Terry Mortenson

Forewords by Henry M. Morris and John MacArthur

Fourteen different scholars address key topics related to the age of the earth, which is the crucial issue of debate in the church regarding origins (i.e., most old-earth proponents, like young-earth creationists, reject biological evolution). Bringing to bear rigorous scholarly biblical and theological arguments in favor of a young earth, they also address much needed discussion regarding a number of contemporary interpretations of the book of Genesis. A substantial historical, theological, and exegetical defense of the biblical account of Creation, the book is designed for seminary and Bible college professors and students, ministers, missionaries, and others in ministry work.

In honor of the pioneer of biblical creationism, Dr. MacArthur considers it a “distinct and special privilege to commend this volume in the honor of Dr. John C. Whitcomb's teaching ministry.” (from his foreword) The various essays contained in this volume show that the idea of a “young earth” is not only reasonable, but certain.

“Whether you are a lay person seeking to understand how Scripture dovetails with true science, a seasoned pastor studying Genesis and grappling with conflicting opinions about the timing and duration of creation, or a scholar looking for credible resources explaining the young-earth view, you will be greatly edified.”
John MacArthur in the foreword

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––


  1. The Church Fathers on Genesis, the Flood, and the Age of the Earth
  2. A Brief Overview of the Exegesis of Genesis 1–11: Luther to Lyell
  3. “Deep Time” and the Church’s Compromise: Historical Background
  4. Is Nature the 67th Book of the Bible?
  5. Contemporary Hermeneutical Approaches to Genesis 1–11
  6. The Genre of Genesis 1:1–2:3: What Means This Text?
  7. Can Deep Time Be Embedded in Genesis
  8. A Critique of the Framework Interpretation of the Creation Week
  9. Noah’s Flood and Its Geological Implications
  10. Do the Genesis 5 and 11 Genealogies Contain Gaps?
  11. Jesus’ View of the Age of the Earth
  12. Apostolic Witness to Genesis Creation and the Flood
  13. Whence Cometh Death? A Biblical Theology of Physical Death and Natural Evil
  14. Luther, Calvin, and Wesley on the Genesis of Natural Evil: Recovering Lost Rubrics for Defending a Very Good Creation



  • A Biographical Tribute to Dr. John C. Whitcomb Jr.
  • Affirmations and Denials Essential to a Consistent Christian (Biblical) Worldview

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The Master's Seminary contributors include:

  • Dr. John MacArthur (foreword)
  • Dr. Richard L. Mayhue
  • Dr. Trevor Craigen
  • Dr. William D. Barrick

The Master's College contributor includes:

  • Dr. Steven W. Boyd

Also includes a detailed Subject, Name, and Scriptural index.

478 pp. Softcover.

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