Evangelical Hermeneutics and the New Testament use of the Old Testament

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Evangelical Hermeneutics and the NT use of the OT

Author: Rynold D. Dean

Foreword by Dr. R. Kent Hughes

Historically, evangelicals have pursued the study of hermeneutics with the conviction that there are God giving principles of communication that underline all intelligence thought and language.

In this work, Rynold D. Dean measures six approaches to the New Testament use of the Old Testament against plumb line of three concepts that have biblically and historically formed the basis of evangelical interpretation. -context, meaning and inspiration.

Dean challenges the reader to examine the current approaches in light of these three concepts to determine which one(s) best align(s) with the biblical witness and the historical evangelical record.


"This is a worthy piece of work, very thorough, and would doubtless fill a void in Christian publications."
Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

"Ryne Dean has done the body of Christ a great service through his tedious treatment of a subject that has received much attention lately, that of how the New Testament writers use the Old Testament. He wrestles patiently with the major views, measuring each one alongside indispensable hermeneutical principles and an inerrantist view of biblical inspiration. Until the present time, no published work has scrutinized relevant issues so carefully as has this work by Mr. Dean. In days ahead, the fruit of his labor will occupy a prominent place in any serious discussions of problematic questions about the use of the OT in the New."
Dr. Robert Thomas, Professor of New Testament Studies, The Master's Seminary

"Various approaches to the New Testament's use of the Old Testament compete for acceptance even among evangelicals. In this volume Ryne Dean sets out to describe and evaluate those approaches. In some cases, he treats the reader to the give-and-take of scholarly discourse as he recounts and interacts with responses from those whom he has critiqued. Dean focuses on the similarity of strengths to point the way toward an eventual solution. … Readers will take away from this volume the need to carefully and critically thing through each approach's implications (hermeneutically, exegetically, and theologically) en route to a better solution."
Dr. William D. Barrick, Professor of Old Testament Studies, The Master's Seminary

"... In particular, while correctly supporting grammatical-historical interpretation, he wisely argues that we should not speak of adding new meaning to the Old Testament text. In this way, he helps to get past all the slippery categories that have arisen which do not provide aid for clarity. In light of this, Dean's work is worth the reading in order to rethink the categories that have plagues much of the discussion of the NT use of the OT."
Dr. Mike Stallard, Dean, Baptist Bible Seminary

251 pp. Hardcover.

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