Evangelical Hermeneutics: The New Versus the Old

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Evangelical Hermeneutics: The New Versus the Old

Author: Robert Thomas

Hermeneutical theory has been extensively expanded, refined, and rethought over the last three decades leading to both confusion and conflict over how contemporary evangelicals should read, interpret, and apply Scripture.

About the Author:

Dr. Thomas compares, contrasts, and clarifies the basic characteristics of and developing conflicts between traditional evangelical hermeneutics and newer theories that place one's "preunderstanding" at the beginning of the interpretive process. This accomplished and acclaimed scholar evaluates how some newer methods may open the door to unorthodox—and potentially spurious interpretations of Scripture's core teachings.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. The Hermeneutical Landscape

Part 1: The Role of Revisionist Hermeneutics in Altering Interpretive Principles

  1. The Origin of Preunderstanding from Explanation to Obfuscation
  2. A Hermeneutical Ambiguity of Eschatology: The Analogy of Faith
  3. Dynamic Equivalence: A Method of Translation or a System of Hermeneutics?
  4. General Revelation and Biblical Hermeneutics
  5. The Principle of Single Meaning
  6. Redrawing the Line Between Hermeneutics and Application
  7. Modern Linguistics and Hermeneutics
  8. The New Testament Use of the Old Testament
  9. Genre Override in the Gospels
  10. Genre override in Revelation

Part 2: The Role of Revisionist Hermeneutics in Fostering New Doctrines

  1. The Hermeneutics of Progressive Dispensationalism
  2. The Hermeneutics of Evangelical Feminism
  3. The Hermeneutics of Evangelical Missiology
  4. Theonomy and the Dating of Revelation
  5. The Hermeneutics of Open Theism
  6. Where Do Evangelicals Go from Here?
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