Grace Evangelism (NEW Student Workbook)

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Grace Evangelism (NEW Student Workbook)

Proclaiming the gospel should be as simple as telling people about Jesus, right?

Well, yes and no.

The manner in which you proclaim the gospel may vary--the message must not. God's Word is clear on what the gospel is and isn't.

Grace Evangelism is an eight-lesson course that will train you to clearly and understandably proclaim the gospel message. Each lesson will help you think through the vital aspects of a God-centered message, while "Evangelism Keys" will provide practical applications to assist you.

Lesson topics include:
• The marks of a God-centered message
• How to start and end a gospel conversation
• What to say when presenting the gospel 
• How to respond when rejected
• Guidelines for evangelizing children
• Guidelines for discipling those who repent

This course is designed for small-group study, which encourages interaction between teacher and students, and provides opportunities for practice through role-play scenarios. The goal of Grace Evangelism is to assist you in glorifying God by proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ!

Grace Evangelism is a Grace Community Church Publication

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