Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel (2nd Edition)

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Author - Eugene H. Merrill

A History of Old Testament Israel

Now in its second edition, this is one of the best standard histories of Israel and is written by respected scholar Eugene H. Merrill. He shows a firm grasp of the events, places, and people that make up Israel’s history—from her beginnings at Moab to the return from exile. This updated and revised second edition addresses and interacts with current debates in the history of ancient Israel, offering an up-to-date articulation of a conservative evangelical position on historical matters. The book is accented with nearly twenty maps and charts and it serves as an excellent companion for any mature Christian reading in the Old Testament.

“In Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel, Eugene Merrill follows a sound methodology that uses explicitly stated and well-reasoned principles in analyzing Old Testament events. He demonstrates how the ‘facts’ of Old Testament history emerge only after sound hermeneutics that give attention to issues of style, genre, and rhetorical strategies are applied to the biblical text. Merrill provides historical background for each biblical book and period of Israel’s history and gives up-to-date information from extrabiblical sources regarding nations and rulers with whom Israel often found itself in conflict. This work is a crowning achievement of a distinguished career devoted to the study of Old Testament history and is destined to become the standard evangelical treatment of biblical history for decades to come.”
Mark F. Rooker, Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

560 pp. Softcover. Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition.

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