Majesty of God in the Midst of Innocent Suffering: The Message of Job

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Majesty of God in the Midst of Innocent Suffering

Author: Walter Kaiser

The book of Job speaks to some of the most universal issues of our human experience. Feelings of grief, misery, sorrow and distress are played out against the backdrop of a man resolute in his claim of innocence of the accusations, brought by three of his alleged friends, of being an unrepentant sinner. But Job’s sufferings serve to demonstrate more truth than Job and his friends grasped. Walter Kaiser guides us through this often–neglected book to find that pure worship in suffering is not only possible, but that such times of suffering can deepen our insight into the character of God.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––



Chapter 1: Job 1–2

Coping with the Pressures of pain

Chapter 2: Job 3:1–5:27

Job longing for death and Eliphaz’s chastening of him

Chapter 3: Job 6: 1–10

Job defends his complaining and lectures Bildad on God’s greatness 

Chapter 4: Job 11:1–14:22

Job argues with Zophar as he prepares to face the living God



Chapter 5: Job 15:1–17:16

Eliphaz takes on Job a second time and Job responds

Chapter 6: Job 18:1–21:34

Bildad’s and Zophar’s second speeches and Job’s certainty that he will see God again



Chapter 7: Job 22:1–26:14

Eliphaz and Bildad challenge Job further

Chapter 8: Job 27:1–31:40

Job mightily asserts his innocence once and for all 

Chapter 9: Job 32–34

Young Elihu gives two of his answers to Job

Chapter 10: Job 35–37

Young Elihu refutes two more accusations of Job

Chapter 11: Job 38:1–39:30

God challenges Job: Part 1 

Chapter 12: Job 40:1–42:17

God challenges Job: Part 2

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