Preaching The Minor Prophets

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Author: Irvin A. Busenitz



This volume represents an effort to help New Testament Christians rediscover minor prophets of the Old Testament. For each of the Twelve, multiple sermon outlines have been compiled, providing options for preaching each book either in one message or in multiple sermons. Each sermon outline contains suggested topics for an introduction, a thesis/propositional statement that encapsulates the focal point of the text, relevant annotations, and suggested conclusions and applications. The explanatory comments incorporated into each outline and designed to give direction and clarity and to caution against wresting the text away from the author's intent by making incorrect interpretations and applications. The book is not designed to write the sermon for you; it will still require due diligence and research on your part. Rather, it is intended to get you started and going in the right direction. The author sincerely hopes and prays that the reader will use this resource and be motivated to preach the whole counsel of God. 

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