The Book of Beginnings: A Practical Guide to Understand and Teach Genesis (Volume 2: Noah, the Flood, and the New World)

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The Book of Beginnings (Vol. 2)

Author: Henry M. Morris III

Many in the Christian world today are confused about the true significance of the book of Genesis. Is it allegory? A collection of myths? "Spiritual" truth that shouldn't be taken literally?

The Bible presents Genesis as actual history. That history was recorded by eyewitnesses who were supernaturally guided so that their records would be accurate and without embellishment. Since the God of the Bible is a God of truth (Deuteronomy 32:4) and a God who cannot lie (Titus 1:2), it must follow that His Word will be truthful and accurate. Logic alone dictates that a belief in the reality of the God of Scripture demands an acceptance of His revelation as being without error.

In the first volume of his Book of Beginnings trilogy, Dr. Henry Morris III offered clear, concise commentary on the Genesis account through the eve of the great Flood of judgement. In The Book of Beginnings, Volume Two, he explores the pre-Flood world, Noah's preparations for the coming cataclysm, the tremendous destruction wreaked by the deluge, and the restarting of human history up through the time of Abraham. Drawing from scientific data, archaeological evidence, secular histories, and a thorough knowledge of Scripture, Dr. Morris clearly demonstrates that Genesis can only be understood as God's inerrant record of real human history.

The authority and accuracy of God's Word is under siege, both within the church and without. This volume will prepare and equip you to understand and defend God's book of beginnings.

220pp. Paperback.

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