The One True Church: A Biblical Perspective on Catholic Tradition and History

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The One True Church

Author: Joe Weller

The Bible tells us that all are sinners in need of a Savior. Sin, therefore, does not discriminate between different Christians and their religious denominations. The content of this book represents over thirty years of personal experience, research, observation, study, and prayer; in an effort to demonstrate through the Bible, and through history, that “The One True Church” is not an institutional church or a specific religious denomination, but rather all true believers who belong to the “Body of Christ.”

Today, many Catholics and non-Catholics alike, struggle to understand Catholic traditions, from a Biblical perspective. Over the centuries the Catholic Church has evolved into a complex religious organization of beliefs, rules, rituals, and requirements; described as “speculative and mystical theology,” by a leading Catholic apologist, who says that most Catholics do not fully understand, and can’t explain their faith to others. This book can be a useful resource for these and others, who have an interest in understanding what Catholics teach and what Protestants believe.

About the Author:

Joe Weller was born in 1945 into a working class family in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and spent his childhood in the South, in an era when Catholics were a minority, and there was an overt prejudice against blacks, Jews, and Catholics. Joe spent twelve years in the Catholic parochial school system, and later in life was a member of a number of parishes in Memphis, Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles.
Joe shares what he has learned over the last thirty years in his educational journey from the traditions and history of Catholicism, to the teachings of the Bible in; The One True Church: A Biblical Perspective on Catholic Tradition and History. Joe’s desire is to encourage all those interested in this subject to take their own educational journey through the pages of Scripture, to experience God’s amazing truth for themselves.

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