William Carey

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William Carey

Author: S. Pearce Carey

Recommended by Pastor MacArthur

"This is my favorite missionary biography and one of my favorite books period. William Carey’s journey to and through India is one of the greatest responses to the Great Commission in the history of the church. This book continues to be a catalyst for my own commitments to pray for and give to the missions efforts of our church. It is not only a good read, but an even better re-read."John MacArthur


Pearce Carey, the great-grandson of William Carey - the "father of modern missions" - movingly unfolds the story of his great-grandfather. Tracing Carey's missionary work from England to India, the book reveals how God's providence led him throughout his remarkable labors. Few Christian biographies are as inspiring, moving, and informative as this superb account of the country shoemaker who became one of the world's best-known missionaries.

432 pp. Softcover.

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