Communion with God (Puritan Paperbacks)

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Communion with God

Author: John Owen Abridged by: R.J.K. Law

John Owen believed that communion with God lies at the heart of the Christian life.

• A Vital Understanding. Communion with God was written in a day, like our own, when the doctrine of the Trinity was under attack and the Christian faith was being reduced either to rationalism on the one hand or mysticism on the other. His exposition shows that nothing is more vital to spiritual well-being than a practical knowledge of what this doctrine means.

• An Amazing Privilege. John Owen recognized that through the Son we have access by the Spirit to the Father. He never lost the sense of amazement expressed by John: ‘Our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ’. In this outstanding book he explains the nature of this communion and describes the many privileges it brings. Until now, Communion with God has been read by only small numbers of Christians with access to the 275 closely-printed pages in The Works of John Owen.

Now Dr. R.J.K. Law has produced a splendidly readable abridgement of one of the greatest Christian classics of all time, bringing Owen’s rich teaching to a much wider readership.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. The Saints Have Communion with God
  2. Communion with Each Person of the Godhead
  3. Communion with God the Father
  4. Conclusions Arising from the Doctrine of Communion with the Father in Love
  5. Fellowship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God
  6. Fellowship with Christ in Grace
  7. How Believers Hold Communion with the Lord Jesus Christ in Grace
  8. The Glories and Excellences of Christ
  9. The Wisdom and Knowledge of Christ
  10. Knowing Ourselves
  11. Consequences of Fellowship between Christ and His Saints
  12. Further Consequences of Fellowship with Christ
  13. Communion with Christ in Purchased Grace
  14. The Nature of the Grace which Christ Purchased
  15. Communion with Christ in Acceptance with God
  16. Communion with Christ in Holiness
  17. Communion with Christ in Privileges
  18. The Foundation of Our Communion with the Holy Spirit
  19. The Things in which We Have Communion with the Holy Spirit
  20. The Holy Spirit and the Heart of Believers
  21. Satan’s Attempts at Casting Contempt on the Holy Spirit
  22. Preparation for Communion with the Holy Spirit
  23. The Behavior of the Saints towards the Holy Spirit
  24. How to Have Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
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