The Exemplary Husband: A Biblical Perspective (Rev. ed.)

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The Exemplary Husband

Author: Stuart Scott

The overall goal of this book is to assist husbands toward purposeful and lasting Christ-likeness for the glory of God. He created marriage to be a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church. It was written to be a companion book for The Excellent Wife. Couples who commit to the biblical principles presented in these books will find a oneness in marriage that will give God glory and bring His blessing.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––


PART ONE – A Husband’s Recognitions

Foundational Truths for the Exemplary Husband

  1. A Husband’s Understanding – Of His Present Condition
  2. A Husband’s Understanding – Of God
  3. A Husband’s Understanding – Of Man and Sin
  4. A Husband’s Understanding – Of Relationships
  5. A Husband’s Understanding – Of Marriage
  6. A Husband’s Understanding – Of His Role

PART TWO – A Husband’s Responsibilities

Faithful Commitments of the Exemplary Husband

  1. A Husband’s Responsibility – Worshiping Christ Only
  2. A Husband’s Responsibility – Love
  3. A Husband’s Responsibility – Leadership-Part I
  4. A Husband’s Responsibility – Leadership-Part II
  5. A Husband’s Responsibility – Physical Intimacy
  6. A Husband’s Responsibility – Stewardship

PART THREE – A Husband’s Resolves

Fundamental Commitments of the Exemplary Husband

  1. A Husband’s Resolve – Humility and Service
  2. A Husband’s Resolve – Sensitivity
  3. A Husband’s Resolve – Helping His Wife Deal With Her Sin
  4. A Husband’s Resolve – Good Communication
  5. A Husband’s Resolve – Conflict Resolution

PART FOUR – A Husband’s Regrets

Fatal Sins to the Exemplary Husband

  1. A Husband’s Regret – Anger
  2. A Husband’s Regret – Anxiety and Fear
  3. A Husband’s Regret – Lust

21. When All Is Said and Done


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