Let The Men Be Men: God's Design for Manhood and Marriage

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Let The Men Be Men

Author: Chris Mueller

In 1 Corinthians 16:13, the Apostle Paul gives a clear command to 'act like men.' In our current times that is a difficult target for even Christian young adults to hit. The good news is that, in the book of Titus, God provides us with direct instruction on how to achieve that goal. There, the apostle Paul reveals God's clear design for how young men are to walk worthy of Jesus Christ.

In every generation, Christian men and women desperately need a biblical foundation on the roles which God designed, yet few churches give it. This book and its partner, Let the Women be Women, are therefore all the more valuable to meet that need.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. Let the Men be Men: Cutting through the Confusion
  2. Let the Men be Leaders: Loving Headship Under Christ
  3. Let the Men be Grounded: The Foundation of Biblical Truth
  4. Let the Men be Mature: The Goal of Godliness
  5. Let the Men be Sensible: The Stability of a Sound Mind
  6. Let the Men be Examples: The Necessity of Good Works
  7. Let the Men be Discerning: The Lens of Pure Doctrine
  8. Let the Men be Dignified: The Pathway to Respect
  9. Let the Men be Sound in Speech: The Power of Words
  10. Let the Men be Prepared: The Hope for the Future
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