Reprobation and God's Sovereignty (Hardcover)

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Reprobation and God's Sovereignty

Author: Peter Sammons

The doctrine of reprobation-that is, the eternal, unconditional decree of God for the non-elect-is frequently misconstrued in both pastoral and theological literature. In Reprobation and God's Sovereignty, Peter Sammons reintroduces this oft-misunderstood doctrine, revealing its relationship to divine sovereignty. With Romans 9 as a guiding text, Sammons presents a thoroughly researched defense of reprobation as an essential part in a Reformed theology that magnifies God and encourages believers to trust in him.

Reprobation and God's Sovereignty clearly defines and demonstrates from Scripture the foundational terms and doctrines required for properly understanding reprobation, such as:

  • God's justice
  • Election
  • Compatibilism
  • Secondary causality
  • Preterition
  • Predamnation

Understanding these theological ideas proves vital to answering life's all-important question, "Who is God?" Sammons shows how the doctrine of reprobation leads to a greater admiration for God, eliciting higher praise, reverence, and belief in him.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. God Is Lord over All
  2. God Is Lord over Condemnation
  3. The Place of Romans 9 and Reprobation
  4. The Purpose of Election
  5. Unconditional Double Predestination?
  6. A Defense of Meticulous Sovereignty
  7. The Plan of God
  8. Parts of Predestination, Part One
  9. Parts of Predestination, Part Two
  10. Concurrence, Compatibilism, and the Origin of Objections
  11. Objections Considered, Part One
  12. Objections Considered, Part Two
  13. Solving Objections
  14. First and Secondary Causes
  15. Human Volition and Ability
  16. Categorizing Causes and the Causality of Divine Abandonment
  17. The Causality of Hardening
  18. The Causality of Personal and Nonpersonal Agency
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