Why America Hates Biblical Christianity

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Why America Hates Biblical Christianity

Author: David A. Harrell

As never before in American history, Christians are witnessing biblical values being replaced by laws that impose a godless, immoral, oppressive social agenda on their country. The overall disdain political and religious liberal activists have toward conservative values in general and authentic Christianity in particular has produced an ideological civil war that is raging out of control. But many people sense there is something more sinister going on, something beyond the realm of ideological divides, something evil, perhaps even eschatological and that's the position of this book.

Here you will learn the interplay between two corresponding evils that have been secretly gaining strength in America for many years: human depravity and Satanic deception. One is an enemy in us; the other is an enemy of us. These corrupting influences have destroyed every empire in history; powers so formidable and so deceptive that they now threaten the Constitutional Republic of the United States. This book addresses the interplay between these destructive forces from a biblical perspective and then demonstrates how they manifest themselves in our culture, while at the same time encouraging authentic Christians to stand firm in their faith for the glory of Christ as we await His return.

–––––––––– Table of Contents ––––––––––

  1. The Christian’s Allegiance
  2. The Christian’s Affection
  3. The Christian’s Authority
  4. The Christian’s Assembly
  5. The Christian’s Adversary
  6. The Christian’s Assurance
  7. The Christian’s Ambition
  8. The Christian’s Aspiration
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