Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Chris Stories: Living Joyfully with Down Syndrome

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Author: Leslye M Bohrer

In any challenging parenting situation, God is always faithful. In the new release, Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Chris Stories--Living Joyfully with Down Syndrome, authors and parents Leslye M. and Robert A. Bohrer share their story of experiencing the love of God after adopting their son, Chris, and helping him live a fulfilling and meaningful life notwithstanding his developmental disability. In this collection of stories about Chris's most definitive life events, obstacles, and victories, you'll discover the strength and joy of Christ as well as Christian parenting tips. Great Is Thy Faithfulness is a powerful reminder of God's grace found within faith-based family relationships that will inspire those raising children with disabilities, as well as parents with hearts for foster care and adoption. The Bohrers' inspirational testimony will fill your journey as a parent with hope and encouragement as you begin to see the beauty within the sweet, simple moments of life together.


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